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We design, procure, and implement mission critical communication solutions

who we are

a team driven by purpose

For over 30 years, TUSA Consulting Services has been quietly championing mission critical communications for public safety.

We are the industry leaders in hardened networks for Land Mobile Radio, CAD, RMS, and NG9-1-1 Solutions, and we have been recognized twice by Mission Critical Magazine as one of the top consultants in the industry.

Our portfolio includes clients of all shapes and sizes, including large states, major metropolitan cities, and small farming communities.  We look forward to connecting with you.

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1. Contact us

Give us a call so we can understand what challenges you face are and how we can help.

2. We’ll develop a solution

We’ll conduct an investigation, inspection, and interviews to develop a solution that works!

3. We help procure and implement the solution

We’ll help draft a technical specification that solves the problems and oversee the implementation.  

4. You get peace

You’ll join the hundreds of TUSA clients that are extremely satisfied with their new system.

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