TUSA Initiates a New Era:  John Dean Hart, Owner/CEO

As founder of TUSA Consulting Services II, LLC (TUSA) – a firm established in 1992 as specialists in developing and implementing public safety communication solutions – I am pleased to announce the acquisition of the firm by its new owner and Chief Executive Officer, John Dean Hart.  Dean has shown outstanding leadership over the past several years while serving as TUSA’s Chief Operations Officer and has championed the firm’s bedrock premise of stewarding no-break, hardened radio communication networks that always exceed client expectations.

I first met Dean during my initial Year 1996 consulting involvement with Kansas City, Missouri and have watched him grow and apply his many technical and managerial skills to some of the Industry’s toughest project assignments.  In my view, there is no better successive owner for TUSA than Dean Hart.

The Land Mobile Radio Industry is on the threshold of an exciting period while merging mission critical voice with high-speed broadband wireless capabilities.  In so doing, TUSA coupled with Dean’s steady leadership, will provide new and innovative services to the public safety community – in concert with those important coverage, reliability, and resiliency standards that TUSA clients have come to expect.

I wish to thank our many clients, who over the past 28 years, have placed their trust in TUSA to secure the mission-critical communication tools and solutions they need.  Your safety and security always have and will continue to be TUSA’s prime business focus.

With warmest regards,

Dominic (Nick) TUSA

A message from the new CEO:

It is truly an honor and privilege to be entrusted to carry on the future of a great company founded and built by Nick TUSA thru a long and recognized career.  TUSA was founded on providing hardened and reliable mission critical communications networks with a focus on coverage and this mission will continue with the change in ownership.

As the Land Mobile Radio Industry converges with the future broadband networks, it is envisioned to continue the TUSA methodology of hardened and reliable mission critical communications and serve the first responders that depend upon on our knowledge and professional consulting services.

With the solid foundation set by Nick’s hard work and the vision for the future, Nick and I felt this was a good time for the torch to be passed.  Nick will continue to serve the role of Founder and CTO for TUSA Consulting Services in the foreseeable future and as always a mentor and friend to the TUSA team.

TUSA will continue to be a leader in the industry with the TUSA team of consultants, project managers, and engineering professionals that have always and will continue to serve our current and future customers.

Dean Hart