About TUSA

TUSA Consulting Services was formed in 1992. The company began implementing microwave shots for offshore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, where some of the most stringent conditions exist. Shortly afterwards, the company started applying those hardening practices to public safety.  Today, TUSA has expanded beyond Land Mobile Radio and into the field of Dispatch, NG911, and CAD/RMS. 

Soon, the radio industry will see a gradual acceleration into shared narrowband/broadband solutions as LTE voice standards are developed and refined. TUSA started planning and preparing for this integration of technologies months before the release of the US House Bill 2482 in July 2011, which subsequently led to the creation of FirstNet and a nationwide initiative to construct a public safety broadband facility serving urban and rural communication needs.

Our Leadership

Nick Tusa

Founder and CTO

With a career spanning more than four decades, Nick is the founder of TUSA Consulting Services. He is one of the true pioneers of the industry, and a visionary that has led the company through many evolutions of radio technology.

Dean Hart

Chief Executive Officer

With a career spanning nearly three decades, Dean has worked as the customer (Kansas City), as the vendor (M/A-Com and Motorola), and as a consultant. He is now the Chief Executive Officer for TUSA Consulting Services.

Dennis Ward

Director of Business

Dennis is responsible for TUSA’s extraordinary growth over the last several years, and responsible for our marketing. He also has over 20 years managing complex communication projects for our public safety clients.

Gregg Brockman

Chief Financial Officer

Gregg brings with him over 20 years of financial leadership and accounting. With multiple degrees, he has come to understand the complex industry of public safety and government.

Our Philosophy/Mission

“Our mission is to secure each client the best communication solution that meets each user’s expectations for coverage, reliability, and performance – at the best price possible!””