TUSA Consulting Services is pleased to announce that on May 15, 2024, Jasper County Missouri Emergency Services celebrated the groundbreaking of a state-of-the-art communications system, marking a significant milestone in enhancing public safety. The $16 million project involves the construction of a five-tower site simulcast P25 emergency communications system, designed to revolutionize emergency response across the county.

This advanced communications system will enable seamless communication among all emergency personnel within Jasper County, ensuring that first responders can communicate and efficiently coordinate more effectively during critical situations. The system’s cutting-edge technology will significantly improve response times and operational efficiency, ultimately accomplishing the goals of saving lives and protecting property.

Moreover, this project fosters new and vital future partnerships with neighboring jurisdictions such as Springfield/Greene County along with Springfield City Utilities. These collaborations will create essential interoperability, allowing for more robust and cohesive regional emergency responses by having the ability to connect with Zone 4 of the Missouri State Wireless Interoperable Network (MOSWIN).

We extend our gratitude to all who have contributed to making this project a reality, and we look forward to the enhanced safety and security this new system will bring to the Jasper County community.

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