Without question, the World has been incredibly challenged by the sudden Covid-19 pandemic. Yet, we remain confident that the nation’s best researchers and scientists will develop effective treatment protocols and preventative vaccines. As the World watches the pandemic play out, the Nation’s public safety/first responder community will continue to answer the call and TUSA Consulting Services will be right beside them, 100%.

In the face of this pandemic, our work in managing new radio system implementations and the identification/resolution of interference and allied anomalies has continued without interruption. In the course of its work, TUSA has aggressively worked to minimize virus exposure to its personnel and the risk of exposure to clients and supportive vendors.

TUSA encourages the use virtual meetings in lieu of on-site meetings where possible. And we minimize the risk of inadvertent virus exposure by substituting automotive in lieu of commercial air travel whenever possible. In the case of in-field equipment verification or acceptance testing, TUSA stresses the importance of personal protective equipment and sanitization of equipment spaces using a combination of both liquid and UVC decontamination methods.

Through the effective use of virus “countermeasures” coupled with science-based common-sense reasoning, we continue to move projects forward and have supported every call for assistance received during this time of uncertainty and stress. Wherever and whenever you need us, TUSA will be there!