For almost three decades, TUSA has earned an industry-recognized reputation for designing mission critical radio networks that survive everything thrown their way, including Category 5 hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and ice-storms. More importantly, TUSA has provided answers for the coverage challenges that affect many public safety users throughout the country.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current system, join a state or regional system, solve interference issues, or potentially fix problems created by others, TUSA is your expert. We adhere to important open, nationally recognized standards that promote interoperability and fair competition from the all the industry’s radio, tower, shelter, power systems, and microwave backhaul vendors. Our proven processes stress a rigorous software/hardware sustainment and maintenance tracking method that provides a known total cost of ownership for the life of each technology. By so doing, each Clients radio system is maintained at the highest level of performance, due to challenges in public safety can arise in an instant and your mission critical radio network must instantly answer that call.


TUSA has established standard processes for effective and efficient methods to conduct the primary three (3) steps in the consultant process to achieve the best results for the public safety customer to assess, procure, and implement a hardened and reliable mission critical radio network.