Habersham County’s E-911 dispatchers and first responders can look forward to receiving adequate radio technology in the near future as the county moves forward with the installation of a new radio system.
The Habersham County Commission voted 4-0 at their Monday night commission meeting to purchase and take the next steps in bringing a new E-911 radio system from Communications International, Inc. to the county.

Habersham’s Dispatch crews and public safety have been working with an outdated radio system for some time, with technology issues and equipment that cannot be replaced due to its age. The current radio system also does not cover the entire county- the industry standard is 95 percent coverage or more, and the county’s current system has coverage in the “upper 70’s, lower 80’s” percentage of the county, according to TUSA Consultant Alan Talkington, who has worked with the county through the process of finding the best radio system for the county’s needs and budget.

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