TUSA is one of the industry leaders in Next Generation 911.  The 911 industry has finally seen the logjam break in funding and support, and there has never been a better time to take your PSAP to the Next Generation of 911.  NG911 takes the historically analog world of voice calls and transforms emergency communications into IP based calls. Now that same connection that provides the caller’s voice, can also provide more accurate location, multimedia, patient history, and other data.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current 911 system to the Next Generation of 911, or replace an existing Next Generation 911 system with something that is more reliable and redundant, TUSA is your expert.  We adhere to important, nationally recognized standards that allow for PSAPs, backup PSAPs, shared systems, and geographic redundancy to remove single points of failures.  All of our processes stress a rigorous software/hardware sustainment and maintenance tracking protocol.  By so doing, each clients Next Gen system is maintained at the highest level of performance!