TUSA Consulting Services is an independent consultant providing professional services to the Public Safety Community. An independent consultant provides only their knowledge and experience in the industry they support.

TUSA does not sell, provide, or represent any equipment or managed services that could deter our professional opinion towards anything other than a vendor agnostic solution to support the customer’s identified needs.

TUSA is a dedicated group of public safety communications consultants offering their decades of experience and mission critical communication solutions for all our current and future customers.

TUSA recognizes and provides professional consulting services for hardened mission critical communication answers, for not only the needs of the urban public safety user, but also the needs of the rural public safety user, which can be vastly different.

TUSA was founded on hardened, resilient, and redundant communication solutions to support public safety in their normal day-to-day duties but more importantly, during events that call on our public safety officials the most.

This includes:

  • Severe weather
  • Long term power outages
  • Special Events
  • Unexpected Equipment outages

TUSA consultants come with a wide range of technology experience and decades of time serving public safety with answers that have stood the true test of time.

TUSA is a steward of our customer’s budgets and taxpayer dollars, not only for the answers we provide but also for our professional consulting services to assess and assist each customer.

TUSA places a focus on:

  • Coverage
  • Channel Capacity
  • Backhaul Connectivity
  • Backup Power
  • Equipment Redundancy
  • Future Growth
  • Maintenance and Lifecycle
  • Total Cost of Ownership

Our Leadership

Dean Hart

Chief Executive Officer/Owner

As the Chief Executive Officer and with a career spanning three decades, Dean has worked as the customer (Kansas City), as the vendor (M/A-Com and Motorola) and as a consultant on many complex radio projects. Dean is passionate about setting the example on TUSA’s motto of “Raising the Bar in Critical Communications”.

Dennis Ward

Chief Project Officer

With over 25 years’ experience, Dennis is responsible for overseeing an extraordinary portfolio of projects from Alaska to Florida. With a strong focus on achieving project execution, on-time and on-budget, along with minimizing customer risk, Dennis works tirelessly to ensure the reputation of TUSA is maintained.

Gregg Brockman

Chief Financial Officer

Gregg brings with him over two decades of financial leadership and accounting experience. With multiple degrees and certifications in technology, accounting, and even as a registered nurse, Gregg has come to understand the complex industry of public safety and governmental operations to support TUSA.

Jason Whitaker

Chief Marketing Officer

Jason is responsible for TUSA’s day-to-day marketing operations with a vision for business development. Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a United States Army veteran, a retired Police Lieutenant, and his accomplishment with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing. As a past customer, Jason understands the importance of mission critical communications and the role the consultant brings to each customer.