TUSA recognizes the convergence of LMR and Broadband/LTE technologies. TUSA will provide the same hardened vision and approach for:

  • Coverage

  • Capacity

  • Backhaul Connectivity

  • Backup Power

Any public safety customer looking to move to the next generation of technology should ensure their envisioned solution provides mission critical communications. TUSA can assess the wireless carriers supporting the customer’s service area and provide a risk assessment for public safety to make an informed decision based on an independent professional verified opinion.

Is FirstNet right for me? What should I use FirstNet for?

TUSA understands the growing need for data connectivity and FirstNet MCCPTT services with the converange.

Items you should consider are:

  • How many FirstNet sites, on Band 14 are in my area of operations?
  • Will the advertised coverage meet my Public Safety requirements for my area of service?
  • How many network connections do they have?
  • Will the devices I buy last?
  • When it fails, what do I do?