TUSA Consulting is here to help guide you as you try to navigate this explosion of digital communication. TUSA Consulting has the experience and the know-how to help you understand what must be done to utilize all networks available to Public Safety Personnel, and how to keep that data secure from malicious actions.
With growing need to mobile data, with the priority and pre-emption that Public Safety demands to assist those in need, FirstNet, and other Public Safety LTE networks, are the logical path to provide wide range, high speed connectivity to the field. Whether it is live feeds from a drone for large area observations, or mobile terminals in a vehicle to run a driver’s license, these data needs will continue to grow. FirstNet is the only government backed LTE network for Public Safety and TUSA is right there to ensure it will work for you. TUSA is currently providing analysis and reporting to agencies on the viability of the network reliability, the subscribers, and the long-term coverage capabilities of FirstNet, and other LTE networks. TUSA can provide coverage mapping for the networks, to fully draw a total picture of what your options could be. 

But once you have a network built out, how do you keep it secure?

TUSA Consulting will provide key insight, and work with your IT staff to ensure the network you use won’t be the network that lets the backdoor open. Securing against malicious threats, and even internal mistakes, can be absolutely critical to ensuring the data gets to whom it was intended. 911, LMR, and CAD networks are constantly have holes poked into their defenses to allow Remote Troubleshooting, External usage (such as MDT VPNs), and disparate network connections (such as SMS to 911 delivery) to name a few.

Let TUSA identify these flaws, and work with your staff to build a roadmap to success for network security. Let’s work together and identify where these vulnerabilities may exist, so that you can rest easy without the fear of intrusion.

Is FirstNet right for me? What should I use FirstNet for?

TUSA understands the growing need for data connectivity. Items you should consider are:

  • How many FirstNet sites, on Band 14 are in my area of operations?
  • How many network connections do they have?
  • Will the devices I buy last?
  • When it fails, what do I do?

What questions should I be asking to learn if my network is unsecure?

TUSA has key knowledge on modern public safety network needs. You should look into:

  • Where are people accessing my network from outside my buildings?
  • If I need these connections, are the built to only allow the minimum needed traffic to pass?
  • If I am broken into, am I prepared with backups and redundancy for my data?


It all starts by contacting TUSA and we arrange to sit down with you and your staff.  We carefully listen to what each staff member and dispatch operator perceive as important outcome expectations.  We also probe to understand your unique data needs. Not every PSAP integrates with a Jail, nor does every PSAP have Fire, Law Enforcement, & EMS services.  We find out what makes you unique, and then help you acquire a solution that meets your unique needs.

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1. Contact us

A simple email or phone call will allow us to understand the challenges you are trying to solve with your current CAD system.

2. We Listen to your Needs

We talk to you and your dispatchers to better understand what you personally need in a new CAD solution.

3. We develop solutions

We develop conceptual solutions and budgetary estimates that meet the needs of the dispatchers and PSAP.

4. You get peace

You join the hundreds of TUSA clients that have peace of mind!