At TUSA Consulting Services, we are proud to announce that we are a veteran-owned business!

Being a veteran-owned business is not just a label for us; it’s a testament to our values and the principles we uphold. We understand the importance of teamwork, leadership, discipline, and structure – qualities ingrained in us through our military experience. That’s why we bring those same values to our work every day as independent consultants, specializing in providing professional services to public safety organizations. Those values further explained are:

  • Discipline and Structure: In the military, discipline and structure are essential for mission success. As a veteran-owned business, these values can be continued by implementing efficient systems and procedures, in which we can provide credited examples.
  • Leadership and Teamwork: Military service instills strong leadership and teamwork skills, which are invaluable assets in the civilian workplace. As a veteran-owned business, fostering a culture of leadership development and teamwork can lead to enhanced collaboration, employee engagement, and overall performance.

We are grateful for the opportunity to continue serving our communities, this time in a different capacity. Thank you for trusting us with your needs and thank you for supporting veteran-owned businesses like ours.