TUSA Consulting Services is pleased to announce that Christian County, Missouri just completed a successful staging event in Chicago, Illinois. Christian County is currently building a brand new, Motorola P25 Simulcast Trunked System. The new system will include multiple tower sites provided with equipment, shelters, generators, and additional site hardware, including HVAC to support the infrastructure. The new Christian County P25 system will also be connected for interoperability purposes with the Missouri Statewide Wireless Interoperable Network (MOSWIN).

The great thing about this staging event is that it allowed Christian County to see their radio system for the first time while in action. This staging event also gave them an opportunity to thoroughly test it. This new system is a major win for the emergency personnel and the citizens of Christian County, Missouri. Furthermore, we appreciate the hard work from the TUSA Team and Motorola Solutions! In addition, a special thank you to the City of Springfield and Greene County, Missouri.