While most kids are spending their summers playing video games or hanging out by the pool, there is a group of children that are getting a very unique opportunity to learn what it is like to be an engineer on a radio project.  Each summer, TUSA Consulting administers a STEM program that allows children to go onsite and learn how a radio system gets built.

In Jackson County, Georgia, Alan Talkington brought his son onsite to interact with public safety officials.  He even got to participate in coverage testing and make test calls on a portable radio.  In Sangamon County, Illinois, Dennis Ward brought his children onsite where they learned how to measure rebar for a new greenfield tower site.  They also watched the concrete get poured.  Later this summer, they will come back and watch the tower get stacked.

Dean Hart, who is the CEO of TUSA Consulting, said it is important to train the next generation of radio consultants to learn how RF propagation works.